Propolis Oral Junior Water-Based, spray with an applicator, 30ml


Children usually do not know what is good for them. But they know what they like! Propolis Oral Junior combines what is good and what they like; it does not contain alcohol, and has a mild and delicious taste.

Intended use: Immunity
Product shape: Spray with an applicator

Propolis Oral Junior was developed especially for our youngest customers. Besides 10 % propolis extract in water solution, the product also contains honey and niacin, which contributes to the maintenance of normal mucous membranes, sage water extract and vitamin C. It prevents and cures sore throat in children, and helps to heal inflamed mouth mucous membranes. It is also perfect for inflamed gums and for curing oral ulcers and cold sores.

We have tested the flavor of the product on children, who helped make the best product suited for their taste. Therefore, Propolis Oral Junior is mild and delicious. This is a product of proven quality, since we have standardized the content of bioflavonoids – the essential propolis ingredients; they protect bees from microbes and are the main standard for the quality of propolis.

The product is very handy, because the spray with applicator enables simple and precise application to the desired site. No preservatives, coloring, artificial flavoring, or sweeteners.