Consumer Goods

Products for everyday life

Our responsibility extends beyond the products we offer

Sweetener Range

A low and no calorie sweeteners  range of products (including chocolate!) you’ll find the perfect one to satisfy your tastebuds.

Everyday Essentials

From antibacterial liquid hand wash that cleans effectively killing 99.9% of bacteria, to 100% soap free shower and bath products, to antibacterial hand sanitizer gel that contains 70% alcohol and kills 99.99% of bacteria

Pain Relief

Unique ingredients which are specially formulated to provide relief from ailments such as rheumatic pains, blocked noses and stomach-aches.

Organic Coffee

Finally, a gourmet organic coffee that is good for you! 100% certified 0rganic coffee beans infused using a proprietary process that supports your immune system.

Face Masks

Non-medical disposable face masks for everyday use.


Interested in entering Bahrain's market?

If you’re a consumer goods manufacturer and considering to expand and introduce your products in Bahrain’s market. Contact us to discuss the details.

Interested in our line of consumer goods?

If you're a retail outlet, supermarket chain or pharmacy, and want to know the list of consumer goods we sell. Contact us for further details.


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